Forum Getting Started

The SHAPE Detroit Forum is a forum by SHAPE Detroit to provide totally private communication between older women who have participated in the Healthy Choices workshop.

To become a member of the forum, you must have first completed a workshop through SHAPE Detroit. If you have already done this, proceed to the following instructions. If you have not, contact to get more information on participating in a workshop. Be sure to ask about the SHAPE Detroit workshops, and gaining access to the forum.

If you have already completed a SHAPE Detroit workshop:

  1. Register for the Forum. The following video will walk you through the steps necessary to get yourself registered.
  2. Once you are awaiting administrator approval, send an email to Be sure to:
    1. Include the username you registered with in the email.
    2. Identify yourself (so that we can verify that you have completed a SHAPE workshop)
  3. Wait for administrator approval. You will receive another email telling you your account has been activated.
  4. At this point, you can go to and begin browsing, and posting to the forum.

NOTE: As a newly registered user of the forum, you will need to have 10 of your posts approved by moderators before you can post to the forum without needing approval.

The following video shows a breif walkthrough of how to use the forum. For a detailed overview of the forum, download the Using The Forum document. You may also find the Forum Cheat Sheet useful.

If you still have questions regarding how to use the forum, send an email to and somebody will be able to help you.