50 & Older and at Risk for HIV

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So many elderly people might be thinking that they’re not at risk of getting HIV.  If you think this way please read on.

Grace was dating again. George, a close family friend she had known for a long time, was starting to stay overnight more and more often. Because she was past childbearing age, Grace didn’t think about using condoms. And because she had known George for so long, she didn’t think to ask him about his sexual history. So, Grace was shocked when she tested positive for HIV.
I found this scenario on the National Institute on Aging.  If you like what you’re reading please click here.

HIV risk for people over age 50

Please see this article for information on how older people are being targeted for HIV prevention.  Learn WHY older people are at great risk for contracting HIV/AIDS.

Against the odds: Transgender, African American and HIV-positive

I found this excellent video on YouTube. It may seem controversial, but it’s REAL. And that is the danger and prevalence of transgender men and women contracting HIV/AIDS. We at SHAPE Detroit want to see ALL people living with HIV/AIDS have access to the care they DESERVE. And for those who are NEGATIVE (so far) we want to help them prevent getting HIV/AIDS — and our FOCUS is minority women over age 50.

So watch the video, please — and keep an open mind and heart…please. We’re trying to save HUMAN BEINGS…one woman at a time.

Older and Wiser? The Many Faces of HIV – Part 2

We at SHAPE Detroit are devoted to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention among seniors.  That’s what we do — carry the message that no matter what age, race, gender, sexual identity…if you have unprotected sex JUST ONE TIME, you’re at risk for contracting HIV.   Period.  No judgments.  It is, what it is.  Have unprotected sex or use a needle someone else has used (even if it’s for injecting insulin)…you’re at risk for contracting HIV. 

So here’s part two of a wonderful video I found on YouTube.  I hope you’ll watch and enjoy it.   And call us if you need condoms, female condoms, dental dams, lubricant or better yet – if you’d like us to come and give a presentation to your group, church, apartment building, whatever!  It’s free and we’ll be there.  Our number is (313) 736-5541.

Older and Wiser? Many Faces of HIV Part 1

I found this wonderful video on YouTube where several seniors talk about their experience with contracting HIV or how they protect themselves from contracting HIV. It’s a story that needs to be told over and over. We hope you’ll watch it. And remember, by 2015, the CDC estimates HALF of the people living with HIV will be over 50 years old.

Educating seniors about the prevention of HIV/AIDS


                        A lot of times the feedback I get from older people is denial of their sexual behaviors or the assumption that they will never have sex again. Truth is,  a lot of them are having sex and they are having it unprotected. They have to be aware and be realistic that HIV/AIDS is not something you play with, neither are any other sexually transmitted infections.                                  

The article I am sharing dates back to 2004 and it tells about Adult Well-Being Services’ early work with educating seniors on HIV/AIDS prevention. 


                            Muchas veces personas de la tercera edad niegan su comportamiento sexual o suponen que nunca volverán a tener sexo. La verdad es que muchos si están teniendo sexo y sin protección. Tienen que ser conscientes and realistas que el VIH/ SIDA no es una broma y tampoco las Enfermedades Venéreas.  

                          El articulo que quiero compartir es del año 2004 y habla sobre Adult Well-Being Services siendo el único programa con fondos disponible para las personas de la tercera edad y hasta hoy sigue siendo los únicos en Detroit, Michigan.

Hagan clic aquí para poder leer el articulo (note el articulo esta en Ingles)

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Ana Rivera SW Detroit SHAPE Outreach Worker