Sex and the senior citizen – it’s a new day (for prevention for ALL ages)

SHAPE is a four-partner collaborative that focuses on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention for minority women aged 50 and older.  We found this article in a Miami newspaper that mirrors the work that SHAPE is doing.  We hope you’ll read it.

Five HIV Facts Your Parents Need to Know


This article comes from and gives some valuable and potentially life-saving information about the prevalence of HIV among African American seniors and baby boomers.  Please read more here.

Safer Sex for Seniors

Awesome website I came across. Very helpful and informational site to visit if you have any concerns with safe sex, STDs, and pretty much anything to do with sexuality.

If you’re looking for answers about the unique challenges, opportunities and joy of sex and intimacy in our later years, you’ve come to the right provides accurate, up-to-date information from experts in the field. Congratulations on your ageless curiosity. Click here to continue reading and visit their page!


Valentine’s Day HIV Message for SENIORS from “CBS Cares.”


Please listen to this funny public service annoucement  featuring Alan Kalter and Joan Rivers — but the topic is a serious one – the rise of HIV in retirement communities.

Sex and the Seniors

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Since 1998 Sexually Transmitted Diseases have been on the rise among seniors. Like AARP says “Is it a coincidence that’s the same year Viagra came out and internet dating came into vogue?”

Take a moment to watch this video by the members of the Jewish Community Center in North Miami Beach, Florida . It’s a disarming way to talk about STDs.

The video was found on AARP’s website, click on the first link below to watch the video and  interviews with the seniors who produced it.  -SEX AND THE SENIORS-

Five Reaons why Seniors are at Risk for HIV






Please see the following article for timely information on why seniors are at increasing risk of contracting HIV.